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2007년에 설립 된 태양광 충전컨트롤러 전문 제조업체입니다.

생산부, 국내/해외 마케팅부를 비롯하여 R&D센터, 품질관리센터 등을 운영하며

중국 시장에서의 기반을 다진 결과, 독립형 태양광분야에서의 선두 업체로 자리매김 하였습니다.

EP Solar는 끊임없는 제품의 연구개발을 통하여 ISO9001-2008 / CGC-SOLAR / CE 인증 등

다양한 분야의 검증과, 120여개국과의 교류를 통하여 전 세계시장에서도 각광 받고 있습니다.

Beijing Epsolar Technology Co., Ltd. is a new and high-tech enterprise specialized in power products researching, manufacturing and marketing in Beijing. We provide products including solar charge controller, off- grid inverter, LED driver and special power units etc., as well as design and supply relevant solar systems. We have passed the ISO9001 – 2008, and our products have passed CGC-SOLAR certification and CE certification as well as other domestic and international authoritative certification and a number of patents. With over 20 years of application and design experience in the industry, our professional team of senior experts develop and design superior and high-quality products by integrating their rich and practical experience with advanced technologies. Our products are widely used in China and sold in more than 120 foreign countries and regions, and have been extensively applied and highly appraised in a number of major projects at home and abroad.